I love you too!

Friday, August 26, 2005

God... everyone's back from vacation and the parties are starting to bubble. I can write about my fucking vacation in Swiss, scaling mountains, chowing on fondue and Argentinian beef, champagne showers (damn I love the Swiss!), jumping up and down in my underpants to Yoko Ono in front of a crowd of bewildered Swiss, enjoying a five star experience with hot springs, and the lovely Princes I consorted with... but BAHHHHH!!! That's WORK! fuck that crap.

Got drunk tonight with Kim, Joakim, (from the Tigersushi clan), Thibault (slave to his inamorata), Emmanuel and Christine. We went to the french establishment, Chartier, after hanging around a very chic hidden bar... Life is sweet... I'll tell tomorrow. In the meantime, read my post on Armstrong to find out the difference between sober and sloshed nardac.

Later Gators! Paris is ours again!

Oh, and Leopold Rabus is the next hot thing in art. You heard it here first.