Warning: Wi-Fi Moochers Abound!

Monday, August 15, 2005

Since I've been back I've noticed a really marked drop in our cable internet connection. Like, it was almost as slow as dial-up. And then... I looked at my iTunes and noticed that two people were sharing my collection. Now, to share on iTunes you have to be on the same network. Since my internet connection is only for the apartment, who the hell are these two people on my network?

My suspicions were further raised by the fact that one of our former boarders managed to connect his Mac to our connection without a password.

So, I passed a little note out to my computer whiz kid and he promptly replied that yes, indeed, I was sharing my connection with those two moochers.

This is a problem not only because those assholes are stealing our bandwidth and slowing me down to turtle speed, but also because this poses security issues. Sharing a network means sharing hard-drive info. I don't have a lot but what I have I'd like to keep for me.

Now, I'll have to buy a separate router for my modem, install a password to keep those buggers out.

I know they're not too far... somewhere in our building. I also think I shouldn't have to worry too much about their computer prowess if they were smart enough to let me find them on iTunes. If I ever find out who they are, which shouldn't be too hard, they're in for a good chat (and maybe a baseball bat to the head, for good measure).

Beware, all people with WiFi. Get a firewall out there and make sure your router is passworded.

LoloGee de Paris... you've been warned! Get off my connection, cheapo!


*problem fixed. dacnar installed a password on our modem/router. no more lolo-dodo. thank the friggin' lord. now I can download in peace. yay summer.