rien que moi

Monday, August 01, 2005

Petite has done me the honour of answering my shoe meme dare. I'm not a fool. I know many PA readers will now click on this site, wondering what kind of Marcosian fool has tagged her for such a superficial meme.

Unfortunately, all they would find here is a moustache obsessed girl with a penchant for showing up for the right party at the right time.

It doesn't clarify anything, but hopefully it'll give you a good laugh.

*just found out that Schuey finally posted his shoe meme response too. The best male response I've seen to this meme so far. Class!


The week's rundown:
Tunes - M.I.A. ...the girl with the best style right now
Books - Just finished Simon Winchester's The Professor and the Madman, which was practically impossible to put down.
Fashion - extra big pivoting visors that the Japanese are going crazy for
Film of the week - Fellini's Roma, which was stunning.
Blog - A Shaded View of Fashion, Diane is one of the fairy queens in the Paris fashion/art world... You can spot her a mile away, and she still takes the metro.
Moment of the week - watching my parents navigate bravely the waves of extreme abstraction at the Albright-Knox Gallery in upstate New York. They're the audio-commentary type but went in unarmed this time. Bravo!