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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

I was passed a shoe meme by good old cousin Tym the other day. Yes Tym, I'm not really a meme girl but I'm definitely a shoe girl. Thanks for giving me yet another occasion to reveal my vanity.

*While I'm not currently in my home country, France, and thus may have forgotten a few pairs here and there, I managed to compile what I believe is a very good and reasonable response to this question.

** The irony of writing this post after my anxious non-consumerist expose is not lost on me.

How many pairs of shoes do you have?

1 pair of completely beautiful perfect minimalist boots, flat, no stitching visible (black)
1 Amsterdam mini heels, pointy (black)
1 Italian stiletto boots, pointy (black)
1 flat brownish suede boots, pointed with slouch
1 red 70s boots, rounded toe
1 white 70s boots, rounded toe
1 grayish green fur-lined boots, blunt toe
1 mid calf boots black, rounded toe (black)
1 ankle height boots, pointy (black)
1 calf length lace up almost-dominatrix boots, high stilletos (black)
10 pairs of boots

1 blue with little crocheted holes open toe Italian heels
1 pink Audrey flats with braided details
2 black Audrey flats
1 black pointy flats with side strapping
1 wedge with denim detail
1 brown Brazilian stilettos
1 white flats, with scalloped edges
1 red wizard shoes
2 pairs of converse (black denim lo-top, cream hi-top)
1 pair of Asics running shoes, old, scuffed and white.
1 pair of sandals kept from the American Falls Cave of the Winds tour
1 beige flats with circular detail
1 white pumps (round 70s toe)
1 black pumps (round 70s toe)
1 coral pink v-front stilettos (gorgeous Spanish find)
1 navy stilettos v-front stilettos
1 snakeskin pumps
1 Audrey round toed with side buckle and very mini point heels
1 maroon tango heels (strappy)
1 cream butterfly flats (cloisonné butterfly on cream leather)
1 black lace up sandals (so classy!)
1 black vintage round-toed wedge heeled leather shoes, almost oxfords
1 grey-green flip-flops
25 pairs of shoes

grand total: 35

But, in all fairness, I moved 3 years ago, and threw away 2 garbage bags worth of shoes, including a really outstanding pair of Sasquatch boots, a beautiful pair of pristine white sorrels, and my pink ankle boots… sigh… And I used to have real authentic Dutch-style wooden clogs with thick oil leather top, black cowboy boots, black ankle stilettos with a black fringe that made me look like I was a groupie for Guns’n’Roses…

I'm not listing any of the brand names involved in my collection unless they say something about the look of the shoe... only exception is the Costume Nationals, but that's to excuse the price.

Am extremely happy to retire my Mary Janes fetish, which happened about 7 years ago. That was a disastrously girly look that said I wanted a pussy-whipped boyfriend, and not a ripe stud.

As for the Asics, those are actual real running shoes, not fashion sneakers. However, I use them fashionably. I like matching them with big athletic socks, running them over the tail ends of my narrow jeans and wearing a lot of gold chains… it’s my M.I.A. look for Paris soirees.

Most expensive pair of shoes: my Costume Nationals, 60% on sale but still $398 (Cdn)
Cheapest pair of shoes: my black Audrey flats, which, incidentally, are almost my most often worn pair… I got that for $2,99 (Cdn) at the Value Village.

Last shoe you bought:
The pink Audrey flats… $50 on sale at B2

How many shoes under your work desk:
Hahaha, don’t work.

5 people I’m passing this baton to:
My sister, since she claims to have 50 pairs of shoes.
La Coquette, for her YSL bragging
Petite Anglaise, because she'll never do it
Schuey, because he's probably the most qualified man with a blog
My finnish ex-roommate, since his answer will be the funniest, or at least will have something suitably pithy and blase to say about memes.

*Addendum* Going to break the rules here and tag another person, since she asked nicely and the finnish guy is on his finnish retreat.

Flare, Korean girl stuck in Paris, addicted to the OC and horrified at large forehead.

I wish Jacinte and Alon had a blog. Those guys really know their shoes.
And yes, I cry when I think I gave up the Estelle Yomeda shoe sale to push lights around for Dacnar's film shoot.