podcast ate the radio star

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Oooooof... if you've been wondering why my posts have dribbled to heat rash and tour de france it's because I've been occupied... occupied with other things... mainly internet radio.

I've always had a soft spot for radio, growing up with Sunday Night's assortment of mystery radio theatre. I'm less music on the radio than talk, having grown up in a country where the talk radio is surprisingly calming. (Actually, the CBC, Canada's Broadcasting Corporation, has a noticeably diction. CBC speakers sound surprisingly moderate, passive, with an edge of cultural snootiness) The problem with music on the radio is that eventually somebody plays something you can't listen to and you spend the next thirty seconds fiddling up and down static trying to find something else.

Well, those static days are gone...I'm into podcasts. Podcasts is basically radio in a downloadable format. Everybody's getting into it these days. Why, podcasting is the new blog. (The one thing it does lack is the clickable links, hence less of a community. But like blogs, they also work by word of mouth).

In related news, Pascal D'Huez will be making two guest appearances on France Culture Radio... one reporting live from Pau, that beautiful town in the Pyrenees, on July 18th, 7pm France Time,... the other a special broadcast in Auvergne, on the Friday... time to posted later.

*OMG... so funny... listening to some hillbillies podcasting and one of them said that the other was a google bitch... and the other guy calls him an asshole... and he says... "no I'm not. do you remember that time, when I was going through that drunken haze thang, and you insulted me and generally made me feel bad.... well, I'm just telling you to wear a condom before you get fucked up the ass...." The name of the podcast is The Morning Wood... but I warn you, most of the time it's just two hosers getting drunk and burping on mic, and being kind of lame.


Forgot to tell you earlier but I have some french buddies, The DJ Nerds Mariaque and Sonic Eric, who have their own little music radio show, which they almost podcast. If you have Quicktime 7 Pro, you can save the download... otherwise... it's just available for listening off your browser. Check it out for some sweet pop sounds.


In other news, organizing my bookmarks the other day, I unearthed a little gem - The Mainichi Daily News. It think it's some sort tabloid Japanese press, but the stories on it are MINDBLOWING!!! This week, "jeans butt fetishist hurls acid on women" beat out "london bombings" for top story of the week. That should give you an indication of their direction.


ipodderx media aggregator has the funniest little toy. You can convert any text-based rss feed into sound. Hence, just by adding my rss feed, I got my blog converted into an audio blog... and it sounded completely stupid, but funnier. Well, not my whole blog... just the first 3 sentences of each post.