Wednesday, July 13, 2005

I'm not sure why this particular word is being used by the OLN to describe Lance's exploits, but I do find it rather humourous. Le Cyclisme is the french way of saying cycling. For the last couple of years, Dacnar, unable to wrap his head round the word cycling, has called it cyclism. So for me, this word has always been associated with a certain goofy french way of thinking about how cycling would translate for anglophones. Now, this word will be associated with a certain lightning-blast, nasty electric guitar version of how Americans view Lance's exploits in France, le version batard of the Tour in American imaginations.

Well, I always though Lance was kind of like a Sauron, one eye, one testicle... the Cyclops. Wikipedia describes the Cyclops as "strong, stubborn, and "abrupt of emotion". Their names eventually became synonyms for strength and power, and were used to signify especially well-crafted weapons." So Cyclysm is like a study of the cyclops... Lance guy.

We could also imagine Lance as a kind of Sauron, and the various attackers as the fellowship of the Ring... romantic and absurd as this sounds. Bjarne Riis could be Gandalf, Vino could be Aragorn, Ullrich could be Gimli, Basso could be Faramir, Rasmussen could be Legolas, and, the hobbit, Frodo, would be Valverde, of course. The discovery team would be the Nazgul. Or crap... this is becoming shit....