Oz, the VA of P.I.N.H.E.A.D.

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Those who use the Voice of Authority (the VA) often use it to hide their ignorance. I should know. I use that voice all the time, to declaim what are really suppositions, reasonable yet unproven deductions.

The VA can most commonly be detected in older men. They, who are often in the position of being asked for facts or explanations, have grown used to the accrued social wealth of deferred wisdom and now protect their bounty with various arms. The most common arm being the dreaded VA.

Hence, yesterday, this lovely gem, while we were on the road to the Albright-Knox:

Dacnar: Why is the Empire State named the Empire State?
My Dad: (VA) The Empire State is called the Empire State after the Empire State Building.

Which, as common wisdom dictates, turned out to be so far from the truth. But you know, it saddens me to have peaked behind the Wizard's curtain and find that My Dad has this benign version of Turette's.