Paris in August

Thursday, August 11, 2005

I'm glad to be back in Paris, after my little Toronto sejourn. It's such a treat to walk through the door and find your own apartment, clean and tidy, waiting for you. Home sweet home.

What's actually fun about coming home at this time is that Paris is dead in August. Which means that while I'm relaxing at home, the ever-present hum of traffic from outside has dulled somewhat. There is a sense of things coming to a full stop. Nice.

Which means, like Geraldine, I will be watching tons of movies and generally amusing myself with magazines and such. Suddenly realized, though, given my magazine addiction, it is rather odd that I don't know where the best place in town for them. Can anybody enlighten me on where in Paris I can find the best selection of international magazines?

Oh, and if anyone's in town, don't hesitate to drop me a mail if you feel like watching The Island in V.F. Can't wait for Logan's Run done the Michael Bay way, though apparently it's a clone of another film!