Going Home

Monday, August 08, 2005

me and shamu

That's it for me and the tofu burgers, pizza pockets and monster fun. You guys were fantastic. I had a nice two months. Still some little odds and ends to clear up, and going for high tea at the Windsor Arms Hotel tomorrow, but am almost all packed and ready for home.

Today, had a great time with Taku and Kathy's BBQ for Trudie Cheng's birthday. My favourite 40 pound Eskimo was bedazzling in a one piece green jersey dress, synched at the waist. Precious Cashew and her bf Ben were there, as was the lovely Sairah, Natalie, Sammie, Tanya and some boys and girls I was less familiar with, including a girl whose last name was Too Good. The menu was extraordinary: bbq'd Kalbi ribs, minty vietnamese cold rolls, inari with shiso tinged rice, roasted jalapeno peppers, a salad made of arugula and nasturtium that Tanya had picked from her own backyard, gyoza, blah blah blah... and all served with a wicked little brandy punch. This is BBQ the japanese-ontario way.

It was also time to say goodbyes. I'm horrible at goodbyes. I can't stand crying in front of people, because, as few actually recognize, I'm terribly emotional and sentimental. Not at all the cold tyranosaurus I proclaim to be, though wish to protect. Alon, who was there, being Alonie, had to give me a final shoulder to cry on. Oi vey.

But, thanks kids. I had a wonderful time. (I have pics of me and the bear that shakes the pole with the Labatt 50s. It's almost biting my head off! Now if only Alon would email me the pics...)


But that was only the second bbq. The first was the night before, a celebration party for my sister's 2nd anniversary of her clinic. The clinic is owned by three doctors, and the other two besides my sister are Glenn and Val. The party was held at Glenn's house where the real kicker is the pool. It's a salt-water pool. No chlorine kids. This makes for better skin and better flotation. All of which becomes irrelevant when you're trying to mount a giant inflatable Shamu. We stayed in the pool till the sun set, and the bats had gone to sleep.

Drunkie drunk, but clean wholesome fun. Yes, I'm totally detoxed for Paris now.