The Swiss Evasion

Saturday, August 20, 2005

My head still feels swimmy and my tongue tastes like onions and acidic wine. Horrible. My first night getting properly soused in France, starting with beer, moving towards wine, ending up with champagne, then beer, then more wine then..... oh boy.

Spent the morning, still half-drunk, doing half-a-dozen IQ tests. Apparently my greater than genius level drops the day after drowning brain cells. This just proves you can't dare to be great without sacrificing something on the way... or that nobody should be doing those things at 10am on a Saturday morning... Or that I am truly the world's stupidest narcissist.

But now, am heading off to Switzerland with the same drunken bunch of merrymakers for Till and Anais's birthday party. Bringing bikini because I know being hungover while floating on a lake is divine. Ciao desk-monkeys!