In case you missed the greatest football game of the year...

Friday, March 11, 2005

You can now read it. The Guardian's Barry Glendenning had the most amazing task of writing down the minute by minute action for the Barcelona-Chelsea game. One can almost see his chittering and chattering as he struggles to keep pace with the end-to-end rapid fire action. Of interest, while it contains the action with good concise Glendenning wit, there are nice side tastes of the coach's benches, and a good dose of the suspense.

In fact, reading the match all over again, I remember several key moments. Duff's little slip between the leg goal, Ronaldhino's swish leg pug hit, Lampard's indefatigable attack... but most importantly, the missed goal by Eto'o on the 72nd minute, that was really the true death knell of Barcelona. He should have scored. It was an almost clear and open shot with the goalkeeper obviously committing low... That's a shot that's gotta hurt to miss, especially in a League of Champions Game as legendary as this. If he had scored, Chelsea would have been K'O'ed. But, obviously he didn't and two minutes later, the logical conclusion to failing to close the door.

But, don't trust me... read it yourself!