Famous ex-Classmates: Chapter 2

Monday, March 07, 2005

First it was the Poker Champion of the World, and now it's my John Fahey-esque-lockermate.

There's something wiggy in the air, either that, or, as I have always feared, everybody in highschool was talented save me. Turns out, my grade 10 locker-mate, the boy who I used to slam into his locker playfully, the playfights of young teenagers, he pushed me many times too, into my adjoining locker... hormonal billy fights, has become a musician. Yes yes, everybody's a musician. But he's a very good musician... an excellent one... finger-pickin' guitar and all... of the Fahey Prekop genre. You like that kind of stuff? You should check him out. His name is Harris Newman.

Either this means that laziness is the lodestone of my paralytic non-fame, or that really, it's a question of time... ok... in that case, I choose to annihilate the first option with work... back to the scratchpad!