Calico Aunts in Ecstatic Mortal Relations

Thursday, March 03, 2005

more snow
more snow

It's like some secret conspiracy. Now he's controlling the weather too! All for my delight and fear.

So, what's to say. I have been listening and relistening to Bach all morning, all evening, with smatterings of Animal Collective, Joe Meek stuff, Syd Barrett, Coco Rosie and the old standby, the mighty Zep. Cycling through my head... first it starts all ecstatic mortal relations, magical equations and floating crystal palaces, then it descends into cranked furry mossy calisthenics, calico aunts, Caberet pink octopuses, feather laden chimpanzees, and finally, just me, in my jeans and German rock shirt, drinking a glass of wine and reading Polish recipes.

Now I have to work on some stuff, so bye. Oh, and FYI, my finnish ex-roommate has updated. It's about how his porn shoot went. Sounds good... the project is funded by my old school, and Fuck for Forest, a Swedish Norwegian company that sells porn for the Amazon. Now if only the Painfeeler would update... my link list would seem less mesozoic.