Hey? Where did everyone go?

Sunday, February 27, 2005

So, have been buried for the last two weeks with work, and strange heart-born afflictions, that have kept me effectively from the line of battle. Aside from several random parties and openings, have not been seeing anyone. Just last week, Voin had to come over to see me...

So, this week, find out that Voin has taken off to Amsterdam, Cecile is still in Geneva, Alain is in the middle of france, the Lacombite and Leo are in Germany, Basil is buried in work, and though Queenie and the gang are probably around somewhere, I have been ignoring all mails and contact so I think they think I've dropped off the ends of the earth. It's true that there is a burbling rumour circulating in the fashionable unconfirmed artist's crowd about me moving to NY, soon. But, hell, I can't confirm that. The only thing I can confirm is that the weather is cold, I'm tired, and I'm hip deep in a side project... still... how did everyone disappear so suddenly this week?