ooohhh child things are gonna get easier! (it's always the hidden oooohhhs, that make a song... not the weeee heeeesss...)

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Holy Fat Lips Maradona! I thought that my blogging days were gonna take a break but damn, those footie games got me all flustered. So, fast tiger pounce rolling game from Barcelona tosses Chelsea on its back, 2-1. Playing from Barcelona's Camp Nou, Chelsea got on the board first, with an auto-goal by Belletti, but Barca strikes hard and firm in the second half. Drogba also red-carded after the 56th minute. Non-stop offensive fireworks, led by that Maxi Lopez and Cameroon superstar Eto'o, guarantee at least two goals, though the score could have been even more lop-sided. Chelsea is really lucky to have pulled only a 1 goal (and even that is negligible given the 2-goal-away-team advantage), and must feel like they can still pull it out of the hat, on home turf.

Two turning points: Drogba's red card and Maxi replacing Giuly. Drogba's red card only proves how, under fire, the Cote d'Ivoirian is still just a hothead. Remember Marseille last year? It was a sucky match and not just Barthez who imploded. Drogba...talent to burn burn burn, but until, like Ronaldhino in Barca, he wisens up, he'll never be a clutch player. And that Maxi... the Argentinian new guy on the Barca team... talk about a perfect fit!... His already a nickname for a feminine product and if he keeps playing like he did tonight, Maxi gonna get his maxi-contract.

Speaking of which... that's really what it's all about innit? The clutch player. I mean, obviously Ronaldhino is your man for a sparkling display of ball-handling acrobatics, but in the clutch, in the heat of the play, the guy you want is probably more a Deco (dingbat Deco and his dumb dumb finger waving dance... yuck), or wooden-legged Junhinho. I'd prefer to pay these non-pretty non-personalities than one Beckham and his lousy nerveless play. In the same vein, word up to Kaki and Rui Costa, smacking Rooney and van Nistelrooy in the Old Trafford nose.

Singing Luck be a Lady... Luck be a Lady... Luck be a Lady tonight. (Brando is so sexy in Guys and Dolls... who knew he could sing and dance better than Sinatra?)

Seance to bring back Howard Cosell did not exactly work but fear channeling of his first wife instead.