fed up with blogging

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

This is the remnant of the post I erased: That damned unlucky Paro! (the girl from Devdas) And gosh...it is hard for me, to have this photo up here and all... she's too damn beautiful... I look like some kind of third row english student next to the face/thing... ahhhh... glowing or something like that... christ, no chutzpah in the world makes up for that kind of mooning. Double dullknots.

You know... I had a post here, about 1 hour ago... and now I've taken it off. I don't care. It sucked. I'm having a hard time saying anything worthwhile these last two days... I think I need to start reading more...uh... books, and spending less time looking at this computer thing. Am taking official week off blog to work on real writing project. Bye.