the rest of the dream rundown

Thursday, February 17, 2005

dream rock band

drums: Moe Tucker
guitar: Syd Barrett
guitar: Nick Valensi
bass guitar: John Paul Jones
keyboards: Shelton Ramsay Deverell
theremin: Me

dream lover

The type of man who knows the way to San Jose. Lover of animal stories, mad poet/artist, not too squiggy looking, maybe has a watch that hasn't been wound up, possible mustard stains on the sweater vest, talks a little in public but talks a lot in private, total and utter embarassment in public situations yet famous in very select circles, sordid ancestral history, surprises me constantly, and most importantly, a genuinely nice guy with a generous heart. Somebody who anticipates my weirdness and trumps it with a mighty sledgehammer.

dream project

working with master ice-sculptors. running around the world in a catamaran. making a documentary on deep sea creatures. acting with lars von triers (ooohh, pain!). being left alone to write my book and getting paid a 7-figure advance for it.

dream alternative careers

sumo wrestling trainer
football coach
tv sports analyst
golden retriever dog walker

dream holiday

mushing across antarctica
flying one way to the moon

dream home

a modern tree house in Washington State
a tiny glass house in Maine

dream cuisine

hands down winner: kaiseki (Japanese)

dream day

riding a hot air balloon in summer across the Canadian shield, then dropping into a cottage for steaks and midnight skinny dipping.