the firefox revolution has eaten my brain

Monday, February 14, 2005

Screen Shot of my Firefox Browser

ok... yeah, I turned into an uber geek this weekend, tinkering around with firefox extensions and themes, firing up foxy music, and sage rss feeds... plus dumped into Andromeda and found out how to broadcast my music on the web... which won't do immediately due to server considerations... but its coming up... GEEK!!!

Besides that, have dug into an entirely lovely serving of Harpo Marx, courtesy of his autobiography, which I had no idea existed. Funny to think of that mute honker being a writer, let along chronicler of daily adventures, but there you have it... just because you play a mute guy doesn't mean you're dumb... It's Acting (remember Jon Lovitz as the "actor"... that's the voice I'm going for... everybody altogether, hands up in half moon swoop...) Acting!