Dynasty - It ain't pretty

Monday, February 07, 2005

The Patriots have won their third Superbowl in 4 years. 24-21. And congratulations also to Steve Young, future hall of famer!

So, I guess it's official. The Patriots are the first football dynasty of the 21st century. Still, though, even on radio, you could tell this wasn't a pretty game.

I passed out with 7 minutes to go in the 4th, but the winds had already changed. The Eagles seemed tired, and panicky. I think they scared me in the 1st quarter, and at the end of their touchdown drive at the middle of the 3rd. McNabb looked like he could've dropped into his rhythm. It was a close game. Closer than the monstrous blow-out I had envisaged.

Does that really matter? Kind of... I mean, the Patriots are obviously not a glamour team, unlike the late 80s early 90s 49-ers. Bill Belichick emits a sort of Tetley Tea union boss aura, and those guys can never stop babbling about team work. It's practically a Disney team. I mean, looking at the video clips, I couldn't help but feel closer to Terrell Ownes, jerk that he is, for at least his brassy arrogant honesty.

But, if the Patriots represent the new Dynasty in 21st century football, does that mean we are seeing the end of panache and pure voraciousness heroism in sport? Is it being succeeded by meticulous planning, training, and cold-blooded execution? Recent victories in other sports would point in this direction: Michael Schumacher, Lance Armstrong, Vincent Riou, none of these guys are big on panache. They are just great technicians and leaders in their field, but more importantly, they never seem to make a mistake, a human mistake. Is that the new genius, the eradication of human fallibility by methodical preparation and hi-tech training?

If so, this would definitely support my theory that the human population is starting to evaluate emotion and creativity as negative from an evolutionary standpoint. Get your nose to the grindstone and you'll see all the blond bombshells you get. Dynasty for the 21st century? No, it ain't pretty.