skype... swipe, byte, autotype

Sunday, February 06, 2005

ok ok... I'm riding on the coattails of this tsunami but in case you haven't heard about it yet, there's free internet telephony out now.
used it with the voinster... which was completely ridiculous, we're shouting out our laptops, crouched over the speakers, giggling madly, saying "you can hear me? you can hear me? is this real life? this is real life. I've got've got headphones?" you get the drift. basically like talking to the ship's computer on star trek. but it works. so if you already have unlimited hi-speed internet, you now can blather away on international calls, for free.


Went out last night, for more art openings... heads swiveling left and right on screaky hinges. Saw all the usual suspects, plus a few new ones. Yours truly was wearing her old tight tight jeans, which she hasn't worn in over 6 months because of the rip on the left knee. But now that ripped jeans are officially coming back, the jeans are coming out. My ass was so packed in that thing... actually, sitting in front of computer eating junkfood, then going for occasional walks has done something spectacular to my toosh... it's suddenly like perfectly J-Lo bumpy round. Lucky lucky me!

Saw BLES and for the first time, felt neither disgust or hate towards him but a rather calm sad warmth... as if somehow time had freed us both from the old angry/hurt feelings. Then saw Voin and his happy hounds of hell... There wasn't enough free wine but at least there was some. That was at some gallery on rue Saintonge.

Got to Yvon Lambert next a little bit later... but the opening was practically finished. There's a boy who works there, a very cute one, a very gay one, with a very stunning knitted turquoise and grey tie. He's so nice, and he has this remarkable habit of brooding, just when I'm ready to crack a joke. He was my artpiece of the night. Would have posed, just in tie and tight jeans, for my crush... but there are somethings that are physically impossible.