SUPERBOWL SUNDAY in france.... (bawling eyes out)

Sunday, February 06, 2005

I have to go to work early tomorrow, so I can't stay up late watching the Superbowl (and it's only on Cable so I'd have to go to some Bruce Willis Planet Hollywood junkheep, and pay 10Eu for a beer, just to watch the game)... It starts at around midnight, france time. Soooo, in a mad fit of long distance rage... I'm going to give you the game results! Because I got the second sight, the third eye, the yellow ear and the feet on the ground.

Patriots over the Eagles:
look for a first half blow-out, followed by limping Eagles come-back. Brady will be Brady.

Game Summary:
Brady forgets to tie his shoelaces, so both his shoes fly off in the first tackle... Mothers all over the eastern seaboard will think this is an omen of his imminent death, and they will all go crashing to their knees simultaneously, in a continent shuddering thump, screaming "Chikaka! Chikaka!" After which point, the game goes as planned, with fathers drinking lots of beer and choking on chips and peanuts, occasional heads going through tv sets, women frowning broadly as their mates revert back to some apelike hooting, and several immigrants breaking into electronics shops, raiding motherboards and ink refills for printers.