how popular is Marat Safin's "Girlfriend" Pics?

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Crazy! Ever since I posted on the link to pics on Marat Safin's girlfriend (or supposed girlfriend... who knows, she might an unknown pulling a pretty sweet publicity ploy to jump on the ole Safinator himself), my page went from around 50 hits a day... to a proposed high of 1987 hits!!! What??!! When it was just Safin hanging around my page, didn't get on the Google top 20 pages... now I'm page one under "Marat Safin's Girlfriend Pics" search. So, for y'all who got deported here by google, the post is about 5 posts under... and the link is "this." Have fun, but I'm not corroborating anything!

If I had know it was this easy, I would have written all sorts of obscene things with celebrity names in random turette's way, just to get more hits. Weird, this google stuff. Almost tempted to make a porn site! But it would be nature porn, floating tortoises and fornicating parameciums.