stupid french windows

Friday, January 28, 2005

Ugh. it's so cold in Paris now. Probably not any colder than Toronto (thanks Annie for the polar pics), but Parisian apartments are not built for the cold... or at least my charming little apartment, with the giant old french windows, are not sealed off completely. Hence, I have all this temporary caulking to keep the wind out. Every night I open my windows to close my metal shutters, then close the windows, then pull the drapes closed. And still it's cold. Ugh. I can't get double sided windows put in because I rent, so I don't have the right to demand that these buggers get replaced. Can't wait for the weather to get back to normal, aka spitting rain and 4 degree temps.


More evidence of how french administration is STUPID: There's a woman who lost her sister and her boyfriend in the tsunami. They're bodies are still not recovered. She has to file four different kinds of papers, attesting to all various kinds of information, like plane tickets and hotel reservations, register at three different branches of the government, and she still can't get official recognition. Sounds to me like the french modeled their administration after Kafka's Castle.