alternative all star sports weekend!

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Yeah, it's the finals for Golden Retriever Beach Frisbee this weekend. The hot contenders are Zipper, a 3-year old caramel retriever from East Bankshire, Mustardhead, 12-year old mustard retriever from Thurston, and Fellatio, self-abusing 8-year old from Moncton. They're going hot and heavy with alternate takes from the 80 yard line, striking from upward passes, and the run off. My vote is for Fellatio, he's got some serious Shakespearian tragic hero weight on him, after losing last year's final in under small concentration lapse.

No really, there's lots of stuff I'm going to be up to tomorrow: getting up in 5 hours for the Australian Open Final which I will listen to live, on the bbc. Then it's off to the Prix d'Amerique horse races...only the biggest prize money in the world. After that, gotta catch up on all the latest football results for the weekend. We've already blown our LotoFoot advantage on some misjudges on the Metz beating Auxerre 3-0, Sochaux and Nice posting a tie, and Lille not blowing Caen out of the water. Finally, there's the everlasting final stretches of the La Vendée Globe, where Jean le Cam, my favourite wily sea goat has inched to within 50 miles of leader Vincent Riou. Think about it, you round the Globe, by yourself in a boat, with no aid, and at the end of it all, you're only 50 miles apart from the other racer. MAD! MAD AND FUN!

Speaking of Mad and Fun, had wicked chat with Mr. Outlaw, where some very interesting ground was covered on the Turkanoid end. Turkanoids, Washington Infants and Scurvy on Dune. I think if we just keep working, we can solve all the problems of the 23rd century. You're right, Sultan Outlaw, Anthony Hopkins is exactly like some red-headed Conway Twitty. Plus, he's working on my Superbowl drought problem. At least somebody out there cares!

Also on the chat, the girls were online at around ALL of them. All the girls at home, online, chatting. Then suddenly, they ran out thirty minutes later, to go to some party. I was casually UN-invited, because I'm not a bachelorette, and so have no reason to leave the house already. But les filles, seriously, it's not like I have a 109 pound kid to babysit, or anything like that...