Today my brain turned to caboodle... but some Basset Hound Cheetos dog came sniffling round the corner

Monday, March 07, 2005

Spent the last 14 hours buried deep in Mancunian accents... but was nothing fun... just stupid transcription job. I hate transcribing... I hate listening to other people, or writing down what they say, especially when they don't say anything for 2 hours in garbled marbled voices.

But, before I check out, something amazing has happened. He has updated. But, get guilty feeling, when reading the entry, that it was a reluctant and reticent finger pull, to appease my unhinged wrangling. It is a little bit cramped and hobbling.. the sad entry. Sorry guy, and hope you don't run around the marshes with your tail between your legs. You must point.. Pointer! Hunt, noble beast!