All herald the Snowgoon!

Thursday, March 10, 2005

So... with the upcoming blogmeet in just over 24 hours, I decided to do some brushup... well, not reading expat blogs per say, but cleaning up certain aspects of the blog, namely the commenting section. The new blogger comments sucks the donkey's weenus so hard that I suddenly pulled myself out of my lazyhole and got into haloscan comments. What can I say? It's gorgeous, it rocks, and it's so much faster than the geriatric right hand lane that was blogger comments.

On the site, while bruising the help forum, I came across the Snowgoon, aka Gordon McLean, an excellent and well-known blogger from Scotland. The design of his website is so beautifully clean and elegant, that it makes me realize how much I need to get off my ass and get that WPress thingie and hammer out a new template. Not that I'm not fond of the present one... it's just time to stop looking so 2000.

Speaking of ancient... with regards to my old post on video games... found a website, through the Snowgoon, where you can play all the old video games you thought you never wanted to play ever again. But who's got that much time?

they even have Zelda... but it's not the N64 version.