Famous Chairs

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Besides the Christmas Dinner Poll, which I'm still hoping to get a sizable response on so keep the emails coming, I managed to leave the apartment last night, just to go down the street to a house. We were supposed to discuss a new joint project but once I got through the door, all I could think about was the imminent champagne (wow, you just can never get enough of the bubbly!).

It's rare to find houses in Paris. Most people live in apartments because there just aren't many houses built inside of the Periph. This house, for example, is such a surprise. It's tucked into a laneway just off Menilmontant and it's basically a four-storey affair all in bare minimalist concrete. I was laughing my pants off at the industrial metal doors hiding the cupboard underneath the sink. They made this house to withstand a nuclear bomb!

Anyways, so there we were, in the living room, when I noticed one of the chairs looking funny.

-Hey? Isn't that a famous chair?


-What famous chair is it?

-It's a Macintosh chair.

-Oh. Yeah, I think I saw it in a book once. Do you sit in it?

-Yes. Do you want to sit in it?

-No! It's a famous chair! What would I do in a famous chair?

-Look. I'll show you. (He goes and sits in the chair)


-You're sitting in a famous chair too.

-I am?



-Le Corbusier.


But it ain't everyday I roll off plastered from furniture more famous than me. Ah, la vie est belle!