Monday, December 19, 2005

I geeked out this weekend, running away to La Rochelle for a little DVD Blind Test (basically "name that film"). After a series of very exhausting travels, up and down the country, I managed to pack in an hour nap, and a killer round of Mario Kart, before heading off for the competition. Now, you might think, being an english speaker and all, that I'd be at a disadvantage. Well, it's true I haven't seen a ton of french films, and that directors such as Lubitsch may be big in France, but rest completely unknown in North America. Nevertheless, I managed to get a fair share of films, and, I think, finished in third place.

What this test did reveal, however, is my taste in films. Apparently, when it comes to shitty Hollywood films, I am the queen. You can show me a picture of some dog running on a beach and, for no rhyme or reason, I'll scream out "Lethal Weapon." I also displayed no problems finding other similar shits like Free Willy and The Perfect Storm. However, throw a little Bergman in the mix and I'm lost. I've only seen one Bergman in my life. Sad but true.

Another thing I noticed, I don't watch things like Bowling for Columbine or the new release by the Dardenne brothers. Perhaps it is my reaction to the uniformity of good taste. Why, of course one has to watch all the independant and auteur films that rush out onto our cinemas! Only way to battle Hollywood!

I make films, so I don't really take care in what I watch. I mean, sure, one can learn from Tarkovsky, Bela Tarr, Fellini, Kieslowski, Kurosawa, Huston etc etc etc.... and I love these filmmakers too. But, don't ask me to explain the first sentence in this paragraph. Suffice to say Brakhage never passed a summer without indulging in every single blockbuster available, and Argento never studied the ancient masters. If I can make it through the first ten minutes of a film without stopping it, it has succeeded. If I don't, the movie has failed. I apply the same logic with books.

Secret proudest moment: Getting "Repulsion." Why? Because I can recognize Deneuve from the back based only on her hair. That's twisted and useless.

Anyway... thanks to Sonic Eric for preparing the blind test, his lovely daughter Anna for lending me her room, Armelle (I hope I'm spelling it right) for all the great food, and big shout-outs to everyone who played. It was fun!