Monday, November 28, 2005

In lieu of a proper post, I'd like to give you this little documentation of the weekend, a lovely quiet weekend the way I like them when it's cold and dark outside.

Needless to say, with the sudden slew of photos and lack of text of my blog, y'all might have gathered that I am in possession of a new camera. Ye be correct. It's a Canon Powershot S80, a little on the larger side than most compact digitals, but a mighty powerful beast. I have yet to read the manual, nor really play with the settings, but here's a taste. It's not the best example of photography I could give you... for that I have included, as a bonus, a photograph of a weed sprayer (though that's a photo I made in collaboration with C├ęcile).

Given Thursday night's shenanigans, and still reeling from drinking a combination of champagne and Bordeaux, all night long, I decided to take the evening off and make myself a nice dinner. This is the salad: mache, zucchini, granny apples and red pepper, tossed with lemon, sea salt and olive oil.

...followed by roasted duck with cranberry Bordeaux sauce. I almost didn't catch this because I was ready to tuck in. I followed the dinner up with a nap, that lasted till next morning. Plain tuckered out, y'know.

I dreamt about the sound of compressed air coming out of a plastic container, slowly being crushed by vises. I turned to somebody and said, that's the sound of old people making love. Then I woke up and was surprised to see that Paris was hit with snow.

leo and cecile
After a Saturday afternoon of recuperation, I went to a housewarming party. Same old, same old, but nice all the same. Here's two lovely ladies, Leo and Cecile. Cecile, on the right, is one of my oldest friends in France. She looks like a duchess but dances like a mamma jamma.

alain and me
I always say that if there's one thing that's a marker of education, it's the difference between being trashed and looking trashed. In this photo, both Alain and I are completely dead wasted from alcohol and substances. But, we still look like we could host a literary salon. That, my friends, is what I mean by class.

squid ink pasta
Sunday day, however, was more of the same house-happy nesting that I've been keen to get more of. Later in the evening, I finally peeled myself off the bed and made myself something proper to eat. Squid ink pasta with leeks and tomato sauce. Just boil tomatoes and leeks, peel tomatoes and puree, season with salt sugar and olive oil, toss in some fried garlic, shred boiled leeks, toss whole thing with great store-bought squid ink pasta.

The infamous weed sprayer. It makes me weep.