Hot damn! That Berdych boy can play!

Monday, November 07, 2005

Ok, so this year no Safin, no Federer, Hewitt, Gasquet, Nadal, and Lendl (joke!) but the Paribas Masters final was still quite incredible. I know my sports posts are real winners, like the cooking posts, but fry me some turnips, that Berdych boy can play!

The Paribas final was between Ljubicic and Tomas Berdych, and hot damn, that Berdych boy made me sit up from the first set. He has everything: excellent service, precise spectacular passing shots, excellent serve and volley, great speed, and most of all, nerves of steel. He has never lost a five-setter and he has beaten Federer and Nadal before.

If those names sound like whozat to you, chances are you don't follow tennis. Which is fine. All I can say is if you know the names of Federer, if, every now and then you're tempted to catch the Nadal fire, pay attention! Berdych is your man! Mark my words, we're looking at a future contender, of the big kind. The boy can is one damn intelligent shot-maker. I'm sure, a long time ago, when Federer knocked out Sampras in Wimbledon, people, old fogies like me who read the sports pages religiously, sat up out of their granny chairs and said "Holy mother of God! That boy can play!" These same old fogies are hot-wheeling around after seeing Berdych play.

So, you've heard it here, perhaps for the first time. Look out for Tomas Berdych. He sure is mighty fine (and easy on the eyes, though a bit too girly Seattle looking for me). Ok, now Top Gun and Point Break are coming on TV so I'm going to stop filling this blog with endless chatter.