one year anniversary

Monday, October 24, 2005

It's my first wedding anniversary tomorrow. We're going to burn some paper Monopoly money in celebration tomorrow. I'm still married, surprise, surprise.

By the way, if my posting is irregular and thin these last two weeks, it's based on three things: Boggle-addiction, party-panthering, and, actually, work. I almost missed two parties this week because I couldn't tear myself away from online-Boggle. Sad? Don't care. Prefer playing word games to dressing up in fancy clothes and getting wasted.

In unrelated news, I ate sushi, done by a veritable Japanese pro, and a very sinful pot au feu this weekend, on succeeding nights. Of course, Friday night, I almost killed myself on some nasty satay squid. Tonight, it's confit de canard, chocolate and champagne... in pajamas.

Only in Paris can a married girl with almost no income still live the high life, with no regrets.