Colostomy Bag vs. Douchebag

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

How can somebody's favourite word be Colostomy Bag, even if they once sported mile-high bangage? That's just wrong. Nobody's favourite word should be that. But...

Actually, Colostomy Bag makes me laugh too, in a shameful way, in a penguin showing off his spiny red penis kind of way. But is it good? I have a test for that. Hold on... *running to the bathroom to get available literature*

I will now present to you five random words that I have picked from my prize toilet collection...

1. acid
2. mobile
3. brownie
4. evaporation
5. professional

and add them to Colostomy Bag:

colostomy acid bag
mobile colostomy bag
colostomy bag brownie
colostomy evaporation bag
professional colostomy bag

In fact... Colostomy Bag is a remarkably useful and versatile word, but I just might like Douchebag more... or even Penisface.