Une nana qui chie sur sa propre équipe, c’est degueulpif! Ca, c’est de la gnognotte ça. A poil!

Thursday, November 03, 2005

I went to see the Champion’s League game at the Stade de France last night. Before the game, I dug out my favourite red and white scarf so I could support Manchester Utd. I’m not really a Man U fan but I just couldn’t resist the temptation to go for the Beast (Wayne Rooney) after all the hoopla.

It took me exactly 3 seconds to turn my coat once I got to the stadium. Why? Because only a suicidal dingbat would cheer for Man U amidst 66,000 Lille supporters! It was so much fun to scream and boo at van Nistelrooy, and Silvestre everytime they touched the ball. And, lucky lucky, Lille’s colours are also red and white. I swung my scarf round and round like some cheap Vegas stripper. Everytime Rooney came close we hollered “rentre toi gros porc!” Everytime one of their players rolled around in pain on the field we hollered "à l'hôpital!" Trop marrant quoi. However, I did find some time to giggle at all the out of tune Marseillaise singers around me. Gosh, I'll never be a true frenchie.

p.s. - The only guy I didn’t boo was Cristiano Ronaldo because he’s a honey. When he dribbles, I dribble.