cut me some slack

Monday, December 05, 2005

This is going to be a horrific week so don't expect a lot of posts in the next couple of days.

The blogpoll revealed that black, the new classic, is everybody's runaway choice for favourite colour in undies. Not really a surprise, but, you know, I like white myself. Being a Catholic girl and all. Hats off to those who go commando though. I once knew this guy who went commando so much he wore two distinct imprints in the crotch of his jeans.... the shadow of his balls I guess. I'd love to go commando, but I'm always afraid of updraft, or zipper choke.

A final bit of news, my delectable girlfriend Kim is not only a femme fatale, she's also mighty mean with the drawings. We took time off from our busy party schedule to make some superimpositions this weekend. Another example of how my new camera is making life more interesting.


Oh, and my neighbours are getting repossessed so they asked us if we could hold on to some of their stuff while the nasties come by to take away Ikea furniture. They left us a chockful of DVDs and most of them are really great. Like, Fellinis, old Woody Allens, M, Amadeus, wacky old French stuff, Prizzi's Honor, and Tati. You know, I had never seen Playtime before, and, now that I have, I know the film I'd show my kids in their sponge-phase to prevent them from turning into vulgar little trolls. Playtime is playtime... there are scenes I just erupted in giggles because it was so delightful (all the revelry at the end of the film). It's not the slapstick stuff of Lewis, nor the choreographed puppet of Chaplin. It's so delightfully light, and elegant, and beautiful, and visually witty... and and and... oh oh oh... I can't write at 3 in the morning.

Oops, and sorry for my behaviour on Friday night. I didn't mean to mock the coke-snorting couple in the bathroom by faking a screaming orgasm at their neighbour's door. I honestly thought that's where the bathroom was.