Cyclone Activity Warning!!!!

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Reading about cyclones the other day. Apparently, and this is no surprise to everybody in the southeast US, cyclones getting more and more vicious every year in the Carribean basin, and meteorologists anxious that this could be a continuing trend. They think it might have something to do with global warming because hurricanes need a water depth of around 6m at 28°C to germinate.

And, interestingly enough, though the Bush administration has been responsible for all sorts of pro-global warming policies, the hurricane situation in Florida might play out in his favour since it’s proving to be a distraction from his real nightmare, Iraq. There’s proof in your pudding that the W is no fool.

Then I realised that the weather has been really screwy in France this year, with wacky amounts of rain, and cool temperatures in August, warm in September. Wine potentially fucked this year. Last year, when all those old people died, they ignominious end was traded for potentially spectacular wine results, which we might not know for at least the next ten years.

So, when 2003 becomes known as magnificent vintage around the world, we will remember the heat wave, but not for it’s tragic catastrophic results, but as a fact.

Weather, immediately threatening everyday, if only a fact the day after if you lived through it. Major events are minor unless you get bad spin. Chirac and W may be total dumbbells to us, but somebody out there keeps forgetting not to vote for them. And how can people stay in an area that every year gets battered by cyclones? Do they forget every year that the cyclones are coming?

Real memory becoming obsolete since only way stupid shit keeps happening is because nobody wants to remember how stupid they are in the first place.

Key to saving human race : remember your stupidity, and watch out for cyclone activities!!!