Friday, September 17, 2004

birds are singing like mad-end of the world chorus in park across the street. have almost finished beer and now know stupid weird guilt over mad flirting is serious over-reaction...brrrffff...will go to races with lesbian friend and flirt with same sex so as not to have guilt.

btw, thanks Mr. Taekwon Dodo for the links out into the french wilderness...will most certainly profit from your nefarious research.

and got great sms from the Voin in Basque land...invite for impromptu party in Barcelona. catalan allnight tapas parties with half-naked boys...sounds like the perfect bachelorette party to me.

oh, and read funny article on fantasy mixed tape from LL Cool J. His number 8 song is Wanted Dead or Alive by Bon Jovi...WTFUCK!!! what a stupid black cheeseball that guy really is. save the Jovi for the POO-BELL (that's GAR-BAGGIO for all non-frenchies).