bright lights, big city,smoked vegetables

Friday, September 10, 2004

Went into severe party mode for the last two weeks. Suddenly met bunch of people who, surprisingly enough, remind me of the people I used to know in Toronto. For example, by favourite gay boyfriend in toronto is now replaced with a bulgarian performance artist...and there's various boys who run around in a gang, who remind me completely of the deadly snakes bunch.

But, that's not all. The more I meet people, the more I realize how small the world is. The other day, after meeting my friend Julie at the side of the canal, she told me how she knew two artists in Toronto, B and S. Strangely enough, B and S happen to be old friends of mine. So, there I was, two years after leaving my home town, and I hear about these two people from a complete stranger.

But, not only that, since I've been in here, I've gone to parties where cousins of old friends have popped up...all mixed with badminton, guacamole, and international contemporary artists. Too fun. Somehow forgot the secret pleasures of being someone's guest list ( let alone the plus one), having four art openings to scam food and drinks off, oversexed underwear art involving plastic, wearing outrageous plastic bags, and making high heels an inspiration statement.

This all goes to prove only one thing/ that in fact Toronto isn't so far off the map and that in fact
ikeya catalog is the most inspiring piece of art ,i found in europe..;french people suck,and soon i plan
a post-patato french revolution.;;till then,stay seated (voin is hijacking the blog)