my mechanic

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

The other day, while I was riding around Paris, I noticed that my tires were going flat. So I looked for a garage to get them filled. The first garage that I went to looked at my tires and said "well, I don't know. It think what we have it too big for you."
The second I visited said that they would pump me up, but I had to pay.
Then, on my way home, I passed by the garage at rue de la chine. There was a young mechanic, using a pressurized water hose, spraying an aston martin, under the hot september sun. I asked him if he could help me. He looked at my tires and said, maybe. We walked in and he bent down. Then he said, well we have a pump but I'm not sure if it will fit. I said, I have an adaptor. He said ok, then he attached the rubber knob to the hollow adaptor and filled my tires.

I'm riding fast in Paris.