suddenly sober

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

after last night's debacle, which culminated in some dude with hockey hair giving me 10Eu so I could take a taxi home, have decided that must cool it...otherwise future reference in same breath as Matti Nykänen will be inevitable (yes, famous finnish ski-jumper, stripper, stabbingbackoffriendwhilesleeping guy...thanks J-man).

had invited Scooby and the Gasp, who's visiting from Geneva, in for a quick aperatif (slash bottle of wine). then went to art opening with lots of free Ricard running around, snagged two bottles. Met one very cute artboy and managed to get cellphone number under 5 minutes flat (so strong). Then slipped onto the back of a very wobbly bike and traversed the Republique circle to get to next party, which was in art gallery+party venue. Didn't give a shit about the art, and the beer and food were paying only. Still, boys showed up with free wine and whiskey and proceeded to get super hammered, while doing cheese imitations and everybody giving suggestions about the patrimoine weekend. After midnight, they started to kick us out onto the street...everybody was looking for another party to go to, but it was impossible...some of us just had to go home, especially after the liquid dinner. That was when I realized that my ride had already left, and that everybody was catching a taxi in the opposite direction. Dacnar had taken the bike earlier in the evening, so was stuck on foot, metro finished, no money. Started to walk, accompanied by a rather nervous and irate boy, who eventually freaked out on me (because I'm me and I suddenly sprouted multiple chicken feet all over my belly), and had to run off to Stalingrad. Yikes!!!! So, was crossing the sad Republique (which sucks on foot), and heading over to small street when could hear someone yelling at me. Turned to see two boys who had been at the party, drinking some drinks in a very small bar. They came was strange, one of the boys kissed my hand and said that I was magnifique (of course my pencil thin mid-calf grey wool bum-hugging skirt works!!! g-dammit), and then asked me what I was doing.
-going home.
-nobody's going with you
-no, everybody's going the other way
-take a taxi. you're going to get harassed.
-can't. don't have enough money.
-do you know how to get home
-not really but I'm in the right direction
-that's true. but a beautiful girl like you should not be walking home unguarded in Paris
-here, let me give you some money
hands me the money, kisses my hand again and says au revoir in delicious gentleman way
those guys had fashion bad ass hockey hair, and they were so snotty when I saw them at the paul ricard art opening
-au revoir bella got home in taxi...but must stop the madness because becoming stupid, reckless, and dacnar very suspicious and all boys kissing hands because he knows what it is to be a boy and kiss girl's hands late at night.

then had funny dream that was saddam hussein, lying on top of a building, getting a tan...followed by crazy dream about following the basketball championships in a small town, only to see them win...then ran out to celebrate, but suddenly walked into crazy scene were people were crushed by the crowd and there were dead blond girls everywhere. Horrible. trop de stress...