What happens when you get a rock dropped on your head?

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Why you just get right back up and walk around with your brain exposed.

No seriously, this post is a comment on my ego, which certainly took a serious knock a couple of hours ago. Nevertheless, Bulgarian Connection has reminded me that there are things in life which are more important and dire, such as convincing a half-lunatic Russian why you should take his gorgeous 50m2 loft off his hands.

So, prost... I'm on a 8 hour broccoli detox tomorrow, in preparation for St. Patrick's Day orgy. Wish me luck. Oh my god, must totally chill out because am sure this weekend will kill me again, what with the summer weather and all.

Btw, Gaelle, that girl and her scooter just gave me a taste of what that kind of life is. Scooters are the only logical way to move around Paris. Now if only the Russian guy had a scooter for free... wait... do I need to do something illegal on the internet for all this Russian love? Jaysus... stay tuned for more half-baked hijinks.

the floating brain tank.