coming together...coming apart

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Now my throat is going insane and I have some kind of grumbling grenouille burling away in there. Gosh, being sicky is icky.

On the other hand, in spite of it all, have managed to run over the high seas and go out, albeit not very far, only to Herbie's place. Herb's got this very nice apartment, which he shares with his girlfriend, just two steps away from the Lacombite. No, they don't know each other. When we got there, a monster raised himself from the couch and called himself Gasp. It's Scoub's boyfriend, here from Switzerland, where he now lives. The first thing he says to me is "I'm ripped!" Which should have been warning enough for all of us.

There was a shitload of alcohol sitting on the table, but, now in my reasonable and less self-destructive mode (this usually lasts for a couple of weeks, being sick and all), I only tippled moderately, sipping wine and at the end, tossing back some cognac.

The conversation, usually sweet and fluid between all parties concerned, Scoubs, me, the Herbs, and Dacnar (yup, he was there), was stilted, constantly being serrated to a halt by the Gasp, who, when he's this drunk, is a liability. Eventually, poker was proposed... and of course, it was a miserable failure. You can't play poker with unruly cheating drunks.

coming apart
Rip Torn and Sally Kirkland in Coming Apart

Watched Coming Apart again, then the DVD bonus... which was pretty lame. Apparently, though the director made a really good film about 36 years ago, he still hasn't had enough time to work out something modest to say about himself. Still, I love the movie... unqualifiably. Rip Torn and Sally Kirkland are amazing! It's a lot of Lee Strasberg method acting though... take it like it is... it was 1969.