I know I swore I wouldn't but it's springtime!

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Ha! My finnish ex-roommate is going to hate this post. That's right! It's a FOOD post!

You might hate me for this but I've never been one of those girls that watches what she eats. I eat everything, for pleasure, for fun, for hunger. I've had double dinners, and non-stop snacking days.

But, because of inordinate amount of time spent in front of the computer not moving, I actually gained weight this winter... 2 kilos... strange, I haven't gained weight in 10 years! Must be the lack of exercise and all those industrial cookies Dacnar has been buying. Where are these two kilos though? Why they're sitting on my belly! Egads! I'm off wine/beer/whole fat milk/pastries for the whole week, and I'm cutting down on the starches. Water and ginseng tea!

Yesterday, for example, I ate a lovely lunch of steamed broccoli, tomatoes, cukes, smoked mackerel, served with a light 6% M.F. La Faiselle cheese-green peppercorn dipping sauce. Very summer. And for dinner, I scarfed down steamed chard, more broccoli and a giant piece of steak. Ok, in between I did have three slices of bread with tons of cheese... but how can you say no to cheese? I figure that I can survive a reduced amount of cheese as long as I cut off the carbs. And, later, when I got hungry, I ate an orange, some dried figs, and tons of orange juice.... plus 3 tablespoons of nutella.

Yes, I'm not exactly cutting the fat out. Damn... I've never tried to diet before so this is weird. Tomorrow I'm going for a bike ride and then using my bean jars as weights while I tummy crunch.

Tonight, though, on my way home from work, I picked up a glistening piece of perch, two mini soft cheese (rocambour and a pichon???), two artichokes, more broccoli, a basil plant, some tomatoes, and a gorgeous hunk of spiced orange bread. Dinner was buckwheat crepes, stuffed with perch, artichoke and capers, sided with a fresh tomato and basil soup. Lovely... I nibbled on the cheeses, but to be honest, the crepes were so yummy on their own I didn't feel like mixing cheese in afterwards.

Tomorrow, for lunch, I'm having steamed perch with tapenade, sided with sweet potatoes and some green salad. Then for dinner I'll make a cheddar cheese souffle, sided with broccoli and watermelon, with green peppercorn dressing.

Friday, we're going out in the evening, so I'll probably just eat lightly, maybe some leftover rice with a tomatoes/cukes and avocado. But for lunch, I'm making a cold rice bowl with arugula, natto, ume-shiso, wakame seaweed.

I'll be at the market on Friday morning to get my goodies... it's springtime now, so one must be extra-diligent and get produce right from the farms! Maybe I'll spoil myself for a yellow free-range chicken for Sunday!

second day, and my skin already feels/looks better!