Last Night... somebody turned 30 and nobody cried

Sunday, March 20, 2005



I wrote yesterday's pining book post in a state of frenzy and anxiety. It was a hurried, pull out of your back pocket write, because I spent most of the day stressing and sweating while making Scoub's 30th birthday present. You know, it's not everyday your best friend turns 30, so I actually got all manual and made something. I had previewed another kind of project at first but styrofoam is a very ugly and difficult product to work with. So, went rushing around town to pick up various polyester bits for signage, and then found the right kind of mirror... and then finished the bugger. All of which made me late for the party.

Les filles had been there at the apartment since late afternoon, tippling, munching on snacks, and getting the place ready for Scoub's excellent 30th birthday party. She knew there was going to be a party. She just didn't know what size it would be. Well, it was a good size... just enough to pack the apartment, to dance, to squish in the kitchen, to slide overtop of earnest conversations, to sabotage people in the bathroom because the door does not close properly.

Everything is like one big blur, but I do remember Mathieu getting a little too frisky with me at the end, and some new conquests: having nice chats with a blond american boy who grew up in Paris who looked a bit like the Mudhoney* guy, a funny skinny moustache guy with stringy artboy hair... I think you only find this type in France, a charming south american-ish (Benetton) looking boy who I met at another party who stole me some smoke, and then... jumping up and down with Elodie, les filles, not getting any cake, sticking the 24 candles in an apple pie, the stereo being a bitch, and endless rounds of champagne that ended with a really sweet knockout jab of apple liquer at the end.

I'd like to give you more details, spin you some stories about the boys and girls I danced giggled, flopped and screamed with, but I'm feeling relaxed, and thinking about taking a walk in our 25 degree Celsius early Paris summer (plus, to be honest, I can't remember too much right now)...

So only one story: I was packed in the kitchen with 5 boys, trying to tell jokes and open another bottle of champagne. The music was muffled in there. However, being graced with a very excellent ear, I immediately picked up the opening strains of The Pointer Sisters's I'm so excited.. whereupon I suddenly stopped stock still, and screamed... "I'M SO EXCITED! AND I JUST CAN'T HIDE IT!" and then I shrieked instead of singing the follow up, and threw both arms into the air (dacnar had to remind me of this part). In France, where this song is not popular, or well known, the boys just thought I had lost my mushroom cap, or that it was some kind of North American way to add a punchline to any joke, so they laughed. Dacnar, who was one of the five, said it was the best part of his night... "spontaneous and very amazing"... but, what's funny was that it was true... I was that excited! The party was that good!

*I just had to google "Mudhoney" to make sure the guy did actually look like him, and, if you Google image that, you have to check out the photo on the third row to the right. That's an amazing photo!