strange misunderstanding

Thursday, November 25, 2004

I've just had my head bitten-off from a certain buddy blogger based on a rather thoughtless quip I made on his photo. In fact, looking at only the text, it is apparent that I didn't take enough care with the inflexion of my voice, and somehow things escalated beyond my original sentiment. Sometimes biting humour, between penpals, becomes rude. Between the witless burnishing and my rather clumsy though unintended flaming, my ass got smacked. Gently but firmly.

It's a new lesson for me to learn, the grammar and etiquette of comment leaving, that commentary from otherwise strangers can leave the wrong impression. It's strange that I never learnt that from emailing alone. However, when you read someone's (well-written) blog for awhile, you start to feel you know them, and can start liberally injecting your own brand of humour. Obviously, this has backfired on me. Whereas emailing strangers automatically creates a certain politesse.

Of course he doesn't seem to be deeply affected by any of this, and he'll move on. But for me, it was kind of a bitter pill, his last comment.

You, you know who you are, I know you don't want anymore apologies, but there it is, I'm going against your wishes. And for the record, you know I love your blog.

that's it. end of story.