and you thought religion was dead!

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

You'd never believe it but this is the biggest word-of-mouth story of the year, internet wise. It's the Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese sandwich. It's a 10-year old grilled cheese sandwich, which, after a bite, was recognized as sporting the face of the Virgin Mary. 10 years later, and in the same plastic baggy, the sandwich hasn't spouted a spore.

What makes this news is that Diana Duyser, the larky discoverer of this modern relic, had put the sandwich up for sale on ebay, only to have it pulled off when ebay thought it was a fake. They later reinstalled it's auction status after having verified that she could "deliver" what was promised. So what...ebay is getting into the relic verification trade? E-commerce replacing the Vatican? Are we going to hell?

I don't know. Anyways, fellow blogger, Jeremy has an excellent personal take on the whole affair. And the last time I checked with a search on ebay under "Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese," there were 179 items up for sale. Anyways, it's only a matter of time before someone comes up with "The Virgin Mary Sandwich Grill," bidding starting at $.01, BUY NOW for $35. Is this some genius Christmas marketing ploy?