object of desire

Monday, November 22, 2004

So, after my debacle earlier this fall with Apple, those strangely unemotional help staff decided to offer me 100Eu in Apple money, to ease my pain. I've been sitting on this ever since, wondering how best to spend this metaphorical moolah.

Option number 1 was quite simply the product of massive marketing, and intense envy. I want a goddamn ipod. No surprises there. They're small, they double up as a hard drive, you take all your music with you. nuff said.

Option number 2 was the one proposed by Dacnar, the wireless airport thingie that looks like a power supply. Completely wireless option with linkup to stereo and internet. practical and unglamourous.

Option number 3 was something I've been toying with for years. Given the amount of drawing I do on my computer, and the amount of clicking and sliding around on the touchpad, it seems only reasonable to upgrade my equipment to a tablet with drawing pen. I've used one before and I have to agree, they make drawing much easier. Plus, with this option, I don't have to spend more money than my apple gift.

And then I clicked on the Apple site today and now I have no more dilemmas, but one solid problem. The Photo Ipod is TOO EXPENSIVE!!! Yes, it was a matter of time before Steve Jobs came up with the winning combination, but he's done it. An ipod, choice between 40gig and 60gig, that shows your photos on its delicious LCD screen. Gag. KICK MY FUCKING ASS OVER WHILE I'M ALREADY FALLING DOWN!

Problem: it's 569Eu for the 40Gig one, alone. Now, that's ridiculously expensive for a vanity item. Not to mention it's so much cheaper on the american site. The 40Gig option is $499. Translate this into Euros, and it's 382.63, that's a difference of almost 200Eu for God's sake! What gives! Apple does it again: they toy with my fancy and imagination, and then frustrate me with inexplicable discrepancies.

So, for all those who read this, who come from the better non-European countries, I'm begging, drivelling, on the scraped skin knees: get me the Photo Ipod...buy it in your cheaper priced country and ship it my way. Christmas is coming...I just got married, and I turned 30; all good reasons to be nice.