WE'RE NOT WORTHY!!! (a little free advertising)

Thursday, November 25, 2004

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So turns out the movie date was to see Les Indestructibles, otherwise known as The Incredibles, that new Pixar film. Well, what's there to say...

It's a damn near perfect film,
I loved it from start to finish,
I thought it was one of the most beautiful films I'd seen in a long time,
the art direction was stunning,
they ripped off all the best movies (like Dr. No and the tree duel in Return of the Jedi),
it remained funny and well played even in french which shows you that they're paying attention to all the details,
the credits were given to the french dubbing voices,
there are so many scenes I loved that I can't name all of them,
there were sooo many people who worked on this film and yet it holds together,
the story is so well fleshed out (with the exception of Mirage who gets shortshrift),
that ice guy Frozone has the wickedest speed skater moves,
the scene where the Elastigirl comes onto the beach after playing dinghy is the best body movement ever by a animated character...fucking surreal as hell
I will work for Steve Jobs, I will work for Pixar, I will work for Brad Bird, if they will ever have me, WE'RE NOT WORTHY! WE'RE NOT WORTHY!
I will never work for Disney.
gosh, even the fashion designer woman's house was to die for...as was her hair ever so perfectly rendered
that blobby spodgy sticky stuff stopping Mr. Incredible was so cool
I'm glad they pay less attention to realism and more attention to beauty, unlike that stupid Polar Express trailer we sat through at the beginning
was this coloured by my awesome candy popcorn experience in the cinema?
I hope not, because I'm going in for a double dose