"how to get your ex back"

Thursday, November 25, 2004

What's up with friendster and their "suggested searches" department? How does this fucking thing decide what searches to give me when I never use their stupid bleeding search engine in the first place? It takes long enough to load common things like messages and friends onto the page, who's got time to use their search button with google in the menubar on firefox?

To add insult to bewilderment, the number 1 search today was "how to get your ex back." Why does this need to be there? For those who know the back story, this is the type of thing that would have been interesting to me, like, 2 years ago. Seeing it there just made me feel like someone wants me to timewarp to that miserable period in my life. Plus, it made me remember the rather shocking bit of hatemail I got from his girlfriend, months after I cut off contact with him. I think I wanted to have him back a couple of weeks into the initial breakup, but gave up quickly after seeing him in flesh, recognizing the wisdom of the decision.

I would like that search box, the suggest searches boxes, along with all their dumbass ads that take up half the fucking page, to be optional. I don't need to see anymore "dream suspension bicycles," thank you very much. Other dumb things on the search list were "emo hairstyles" and "lacoste for men." Like I want know how to look like some depressed cartoon of a sensitive white girl, or find out about another label. I like the crocodile but hello, who doesn't know about their polos already?

Friendster had a winning combination for awhile, but now I'm beginning to find the whole business repetitive, competitive, and kind of wasteful. With everyone competing to write something cool on their personality list, their music list, their movie list, and then you read the whole mess and find out our whole generation is basically the same, obsessed with being fashionable, cool, listening to the right music and boring the fuck out of me with shallowness. Like, doesn't anyone care about more important things? Shouldn't our best and brightest be more motivated about changing the world in more than just appearance and reference? No wonder the O.C. is so popular.

Of course I plead guilty to all the above. But, still, "how to get your ex back"...stop that ...grrr...