a real love story

Thursday, September 30, 2004

Love is in so many different foms, in so many different possible combinations. Some people are just lucky I guess. Others are creative.
The Unlimited Supply of 35 Millimeter Film
By Richard Brautigan

People cannot figure out why he is with her. They don’t understand. He’s so good-looking and she’s so plain. ‘What does he see in her ?’ they ask themselves and each other. They know it’s not her cooking because she’s not a good cook. About the only thing that she can cook is a halfway decent meat loaf. She makes it every Tuesday night and he has a meat loaf sandwich in his lunch on Wednesday. Years pass. They stay together while their friends break up.

The beginning answer, as in so many of these things, lies in the bed where they make love. She becomes the theatre where he shows films of his sexual dreams. Her body is like soft rows of living theatre seats leading to a vagina that is the warm screen of his imagination where he makes love to all the women that he sees and wants like passing quicksliver movies, but she doesn’t know a thing about it.

All she knows is that she loves him very much and he always pleases her and makes her feel good. She gets excited around four o’clock in the afternoon because she knows that he will be home from work at five.

He has make love to hundreds of different women inside of her. She makes all his dreams come true as she lies there like a simple contented theatre to his touching, thinking only of him.

‘What does he see in her ?’ people go on asking themselves and each other. They should know better. The final answer is very simple. It’s all in his head.