Apple Lies

Friday, September 24, 2004

I left my computer with Apple Repair, on August 19, 2004. The UPS guy came by and took my computer on a health trip to the Netherlands. It broke my heart. But the Apple representative had assured me that for my problem, I would have to wait around 2 weeks, at the most. I still don’t have it.

My computer had a screen defect, giant splotches of light…think bleach stains on jeans. I had hesitated sending the machine away because, like most computer users, I need my laptop ALL THE TIME. Also, I wasn’t sure if these splotches were my fault, being careless, touching the screen back too strongly. Those Powerbook G4s, despite being a marvel in design and elegance (the new ones look so clunky in comparison, like difference between old and new Volks Beetle), are damn fragile.

However, I learned through good detective work on the Apple forums that this is a known default of the G4s made in Taiwan, and that Apple takes responsibility for this default and repairs it, free of charge, as long as you’re still under Apple Care.

So I phoned them in the dead heat of August, when everything is dead in France, and when I knew I would have the least need for my machine, and sent it off. Today, the 24th of September, I still don’t have the bloody thing back. I’ve called Apple repeated times, from my land line, which I have to pay for by the minute, each time receiving replies like ‘it’ll be there next week, we’re waiting for a piece but it’ll come at the end of this week….’ I’ve been getting this BULLSHIT for the last couple of weeks, logging serious time on the phone (which I will have to pay), for lunacy and incompetence.

Two weeks ago a representative said that if I still don’t have my computer by the end of the week, they would give me a new computer. I called back to ask on that and Hello, that guy LIED.

Finally, today, out of total anger and frustration, I did what I should have done a long time ago, I spoke to a Superior...who then too my phone number and address down, and they will mail me a voucher of 150Eu, so that I can go to the Apple store and rent a computer, and they will also phone me to tell me when the machine is ready.

That still doesn’t leave me completely satisfied. I’m bloody fed up. If anything ever happens to my computer again, I’ll cry and scream and go to the Netherlands myself to watch those bastards put it back together again. And, as much as I like the product, little word of advice to Steve Jobs, you’re not done yet…work on the Apple Care.